20 candy bars a day

Stamp out little lies

20 candy bars a day

“Can we have candy?”

 “I think you guys have had enough,” I say.

The play date is going well.  Jumping on the trampoline.  Endless roleplaying.  A sweet treat.

“I’m allowed to have more,” says our guest.

“Are you? In our house we alternate between real food and junk food,” I say.

“At our house I can have unlimited candy.”

“Hmm.  Is that true? I’ve never noticed all the candy at your house.”

“Well, not unlimited.  But like, 20 candy bars a day.”

“20? Oh, ok.  If you can have 20 candy bars a day, I’ll be delighted to give you more.  Let me just text your dad to make sure it’s ok.”

Kubla giggles.  His friend’s face falls.  I take out my phone and start a text, loudly reading each word I type. “The. boys. are. having. fun. Already. had. some. ice. cream. Do. you. really. let. them. have. 20. pieces. of. candy. each. day? That’s. what. he. told. me. Let. me. know,. and. I’ll. give. them. more… And send!”

They grab my phone to see if the text is real.  A minute letter a chime—they read the angry response.  The boy faces a long ride home.

How do you handle little lies in your home?

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