Anyone who splashes me gets thrown into the lake!

Be careful what you promise

Anyone who splashes me gets thrown into the lake

We’re at the beach.  I’m reading a book.  Kubla and his friends are running all over the shore, chasing and splashing and squirting.

A few drops of water fall on my book.

“Guys! Splash each other as much as you want.  But anyone who splashes me gets thrown in the lake!”

I stay dry for a few minutes.  Then one of Kubla’s friends sneaks up and squirts me in the back.  I calmly put down my book.  I get up.  I chase the boy into the water, pick him up, and throw him five feet into the air and into the lake.  He’s soaked from head to toe.  Lesson learned, I think.  I calmly walk back to my book.

Twenty seconds later another boy squirts me.  I deposit him into the lake.

Fast forward five minutes and I’m completely soaked, as friend and stranger alike take turns squirting me so I’ll throw them into the lake.

Law of unintended consequences.  But we had a lot of fun.

What do you do to stay dry at the pool or beach, without being a stick in the mud?

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