Author: Jonathan Domsky

Superhero Patrol

Keeping the neighborhood safe and nice for everyone (3rd of a 9 part series)

Superhero Patrol--3 of 9

After a week of superhero training, Kubla is ready to go on patrol. He puts on his costume—mask, cape, super-serious crime-fighting face, Batman onesie. We start walking around the block, on the lookout for evil.

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Superhero training, part 2

When the time comes, will you be ready? (2nd of a 9 part series)

Superhero training part 2--2 of 9

Kubla is ready to become a hero. He’s ready to begin his training. “Do the Avengers fight bad guys all day?” “No, the battles only last a few minutes.” “That’s right,” I say. “What do

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Superhero training

Fight evil, protect the innocent, and make things nice for everybody (1st of a 9 part series)

Superhero training--1 of 9

Three playdates in a row, Kubla bossed and bullied his friend. It wasn’t abating. He needed a positive outlet for his need to control. After the playdate I take him aside. “Kubla, who is the

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Kidorable Parenting Interview

With Best-Selling Parenting Author Richard Eyre


For years I have admired the work of best-selling Parenting Author Richard Eyre. This week Richard generously shares with our readers what parenting tools he’s been working on lately, and shares about how he has

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How video games taught Kubla to read

Add a spoonful of sugar to unpleasant activities


Like many boys, Kubla hated learning to read. He would walk on hot coals to get out of reading practice. Like many boys, Kubla loves video games. He would eat hot coals to get time

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Not with that attitude

We’re watching birds fly. They look so free and beautiful. “Why can’t you fly, Kubla? You’d be so much better if you could fly.” “I don’t have wings. Of course I can’t fly!”he protests. “Not

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Does your baby use email?

Have your little ones send their own thank you notes and holiday greetings

does your baby use email

When Kubla was a baby I set up an email address in his name so I could send messages on his behalf to friends and family. Here are some samples. Mama, I want to tell

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