Author: Jonathan Domsky

My niece is not a princess2

My niece is no damsel in distress, looking pretty as she waits to be saved by some prince. Ever since she was a baby, she’s been a queen. What’s the difference? Let my brother explain

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Play Video Games Together

Connect with a human, not with a screen

play video gae together

It was vacation. We were staying with Kubla’s cousins for the week. All the big kids wanted to do was play video games on the computer. It was the first time he had seen computer

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Try harder

Kids are more capable than they and the grown-ups around them realize

Try harder

When Kubla was two years old, he thought the words for ‘Open it’ were ‘Try harder’. He would hand me a jar to open. I would hand it back and say try harder. He would

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The Impulse Monster

Kubla and I love Japanese monster movies. Ultraman, Godzilla, and Mothra all have pride of place in his imagination. We’ve whiled away many an afternoon battling monsters—he’s always the hero, saving the bad guy role

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Not learning to swim

Teaching Kubla to swim in 2 years and 15 minutes

not learning to swim

I had been teaching Kubla to swim for 2 years. We spent lots of time at the pool and beach, but he just wouldn’t put his face in the water. He did get very adept

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I think that little kid wants to talk to you

What does it take to stop a fight before it starts? (9th of a 9 part series)


Kubla and I are playing in the park. The big kids, 4th graders, are in the basketball court. We smell trouble in the air. Kubla edges closer so he can overhear their conversation. “When I see

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Use your powers

Use their powerful imaginations to crowd out their fears (8th of a 9 part series)

Use your powers--8 of 9

Kubla is afraid to enter the dark room. He wants me to go in first. “Kubla, just use your powers to light up the room.” He looks at me, not sure what to do. I

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That’s not how we do things around here

In the face of evil, will you stand by or stand up? (7th of a 9 part series)

Thats not how we do things around here--7 of 9

Kubla had been training to be a hero for weeks. He was ready to unleash his powers on the playground. His friends, a brother and sister, are on the slide. Kubla joins their play. After

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Sure glad it wasn’t me

Stick up for your friends (6th of a 9 part series)

Sure glad it wasn't me--6 of 9

I pick up Kubla and his friend from preschool. His friend is a little sad. Something happened at school. Turns out another boy was excluding him. “Kubla, what did you do when your friend was

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