Become a creator of culture, not just a consumer

Kids are natural creators—keep them that way


When Kubla was 4, he loved watching YouTube videos. And his favorite type of video was Toy Reviews—grown men explaining what was so great about their classic toy collections.

I don’t understand the appeal. I steer him towards more wholesome fare, but it’s all he wants to watch.

“Hey Kubla, do you want to make a video so your friends can see YOU on YouTube?”

His eyes light up. I film him showing all the fun features of his favorite toys. “Welcome to Kubla’s Toy Review.”…..Eight rambling minutes later he closes with “So that’s it. Ask your mom to take you to Target to buy these great toys.”

Compelling viral content? No. But he’s no longer a passive consumer of culture. He’s a creator. YouTube videos don’t just appear from the Ether. A real human makes them. A real human like Kubla. A real human like your kid?

What do your kids create? How do they share it with the world?

In two weeks I’ll give a free Kidorable umbrella to whoever makes my favorite comment.

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