Cape of courage

Security blankets come in many forms (4th of a 9 part series)

Cape of courage--4 of 9

Kubla didn’t want to go to preschool. He missed Liping too much.

I wait for him to stop crying and calm down. I pretend to fish for something in my pocket.

“I know it’s in here somewhere,” I say.
“What? What’s in your pocket?” He joins me in the search.

“I know you’re afraid to go to school. That you’ll miss Mom. You know what you need?” I pretend to find what I’m looking for and take it triumphantly out of my pocket. “You need… the Cape of Courage!”

I unfurl the Cape, shaking it out a couple times, then pretend to clasp it around him, brushing the side of his neck.

“Do you feel that tingly feeling? It’s the power of the Cape of Courage. It gives you the Courage to do what you’re afraid of.”

I take him by the hand and we start the walk to school.

The next morning there’s less resistance. He’s on his way out the door with Liping.

“Kubla! You forgot the Cape!” I clasp it around his neck and give him a kiss. It’s the easiest goodbye in weeks.

What do you do to make your little ones feel safe when it’s time to separate?

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4th of a 9 part series, Super Hero Training

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