Small Children

kidorable blog-little prince

Kubla and I finish watching the movie, The Little Prince. We had recently read the book together, too. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a new story that takes place when the narrator is

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There’s no ‘right’ way to play

Stop reading the instructions and start kidding around


When Kubla was a toddler, he showed no interest whatsoever in stacking blocks. Knock down blocks—absolutely. Make rockets or dinosaurs with his blocks spread flat on the ground—sure. But his creations rarely get more than

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Let it go

Discretion is the better part of parenting

Let it go

Time for dinner.  Kubla is doing his best to ignore me. “Kubla, I said it’s time for dinner.” Silence.  Another call to the table.  He’s in a combative mood. “I want to watch TV.” Normally

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Why am I so bored?!

What a fascinating question

Why am I so bored

Touring Kubla’s school, I see a poster in the teacher’s lounge, hidden from the students: Curiosity is the cure for boredom. There is no cure for curiosity. I commit it to memory.  It’s my go-to

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Just don’t say Bobbledeegoo

Take the power out of curse words


Kubla comes back from a playdate.  His friend has a potty mouth. Later that day, Kubla plays with his toy cars.  He pushes one off the cliff of our couch.  His hand guides its fall

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How is his compliance?

What is the balance between control and freedom in your family?

How is his compliance

We check out a couple nearby preschools for Kubla.  The playgrounds and classrooms are all pretty similar.  The teachers are all equally friendly.  Our friends say good things about both of them. It’s time for

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Slave Dolphins and Free Sharks

What’s it worth to give up your freedom?

Slave Dolphins and Free Sharks

We watch the dolphin show at the aquarium.  It’s fun, but a little sad to see such intelligent creatures stuck in a tank they can fully explore in under 30 seconds. “Hey Kubla, are those

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Is driving hard?

A lot of things are hard, until you learn how

Is driving hard

I drive Kubla’s friends home from their play date.  Their mom doesn’t have a driver’s license.  Just a learners permit. “Is driving hard?” they ask. “It’s easy when you know how.” “My mom is so stupid.” All

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Oh, you gave me a love punch

What does a kid really need when he’s acting out?

Oh you gave me a love punch

I see that kid in the park.  He starts towards me.  I know what comes next.  I protect myself as he tries to hit me.  It helps that I’m four times his size. He doesn’t

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My Play Date

The play date isn’t going well.  They fight over toys.  One doesn’t want to play the other’s game.  It’s time for a change of venue. When they were toddlers it was easy.  We chose parents

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