Did you try not to?

Take responsibility for your actions

Try not to

Crumbs are all over the floor.  A sticky fingered boy starts to walk away.

“Kubla, where do you think you are going? Did you look at the floor?!” 

He looks down, not entirely convinced there’s any connection with the cookie he just ate.  He shrugs his shoulders at my disapproval.

“I didn’t try to do it.”

“Did you try not to?”

We clean the floor together.  He feels it’s all a little unfair.  After all, he didn’t make a mess on purpose.

Another day, another cookie.  I hand him a plate.

“Kubla, this time try to not make a mess.” 

There are still a few crumbs.  He is a kid, after all.  But he picks them up without me asking.  He’s trying not to.

What do you do to help your kids take responsibility for their actions?

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