Do it together

Why watch your child play when you could play together?


When Kubla and I go to the park to play, we both go to the park to play. I don’t just tag along to keep him safe. I play with him and his friends (tag has an entirely different meaning when you’re being chased by a 6’3” man). It’s so boring to sit on the bench and watch from the sidelines.

I taught Kubla to swim myself. His technique isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot more fun getting in the water and splashing around together than waiting in the stuffy bleachers for the lesson to end.

Just about any adult can teach their child most of what we send our kids off to activities to learn. For the rest, if it’s good for a child to learn, why not you, too? Our family piano teacher teaches me, Liping, and Kubla in the same afternoon each week. Music is a joy our family does together—it’s not something we push him to practice.

Instead of sending Kubla off to an activity, whenever possible we find a way to do it together as a family.

What activities do you send your kids off to? Would it be more fun to do it together as a family instead?

In two weeks I’ll give a free Kidorable hat, scarf, or glove/mitten to whoever makes my favorite comment.

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