Doctor jokes

In a scary situation, give them a little control

Doctor jokes

It’s time for Kubla’s annual check-up. He won’t go. No way are they going to stick him this time.

We’ve missed our appointment by the time the tantrum subsides. I reschedule for next week.

The next few days we watch Doc McStuffins. We sing the Time for a Check-up song. We practice giving his stuffed animals examinations and shots. We manage to get him in the car and to the doctor’s office. He’s trembling.

“Hey Kubla, what jokes do you think we could play on the doctor?” He’s not ready to engage yet, but he’s curious. He steps out of his fear.

“Do you think you could scare him if you hid, then jumped out and said ‘Boo!’ when he enters?” He likes the idea.

“When the doctor asks you to say ‘ahhh,’ you can flip your lips up and down with your finger and go ‘blbblblblblbl’. What do you think?”

“Oh, and I can tell him my joke!” He’s getting excited.

The exam goes smoothly. He makes the doctor laugh. He’s in control now. Sort of. The shot doesn’t even hurt so much.

What do you do to get your kid to the doctor when they don’t want to go?

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