Don’t Want To

Don't Want To

Kubla won’t fold the laundry. I sit down with him and fold a couple shirts. He plays with his socks.

“Kubla, would you please help fold the clothes?”
“Don’t want to.” He gets up and walks away.

We almost never force Kubla to do anything. There are no set chores in our family. But that doesn’t mean anything goes.

A few minutes later…“Dad, can you get me a glass of water?”
“I could get you a glass of water. But I don’t want to.”

He looks at me suspiciously.

“Kubla, do you want to live in a home where people do everything they can to make things nice for each other? Or where everyone is selfish and just looks out for themselves?”


“Why don’t you fold some clothes, and I’ll get you some water?”

He starts folding some underwear, like a groaning snail. I bring a glass of water. We sit together. Soon we’re talking and laughing and the laundry is done.

How do you get your little ones to help out around the house?

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