Duck, duck, goose

Duck Duck Goose

My nephew is four years old. His preschool class is playing duck, duck, goose. He’s younger and smaller than the other kids. Try as he might, he can’t run around the circle fast enough to catch them.

“Duck…Duck… Duck…Duck…Duck…GOOSE!!” A girl taps him on the head and she’s off.

My nephew slowly gets up. This time he doesn’t run. As the girl comes round the circle he sticks out his hand and tags her.

“I got you!” he says, a big smile on his face.

“No you didn’t” she protests. “You didn’t even run”

“Teacher didn’t say I need to run. I just need to tag you before you can sit in my spot. That’s what I did.”

The girl looks to the teacher for justice.

Is it cheating to break an unwritten rule? Is it fair to ask kids to play a game they can never win because they are too small?

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