Family Dance Time!

Nip your little couch potato in the bud


Kubla had been watching TV for too long.

“Kubla, will you play with me?”
“I want to watch TV.”
“Don’t you want to play with toys?”
“No, I just want to watch something.”

His show ends. The theme song comes on.

I shout out “Family dance time!”

I jump between him and the TV, showing off my silliest moves. He gets up and dances with me. The television’s spell is broken.

These days we always dance and sing the theme song of our favorite shows. Or anytime someone is bored or frustrated, we’ll turn on the music and shout “Family Dance Time!” It always improves our mood.

How do you get your kids off the couch?

In two weeks I’ll give a free Kidorable Umbrella to whoever makes my favorite comment.

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