Green Eggs and Tofu

Read a favorite book and change a recurring theme

Green Eggs and Tofu

Kubla was the star of every book we read as a toddler. Other family members made cameo appearances.

Curious Kubla and his friend the Dad in the Yellow Hat is his favorite series.

He loves scaring the Wild Things.

He and his cousin are always sure to tell Liping that the Cat in the Hat stopped by.

He draws anything he can dream with his Purple Crayon.

Kubla-I-Am would never try Green Eggs and Tofu. But Dad-I-Ofu gave it a try and liked it.

Inserting our family into the story makes it come alive for him. Changing the place to Our Town, or making the main character his age, makes it his own.

What do you do to engage your kids in a story?

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