Guest Post Policy

Interested in submitting a guest post to Kidorable Parenting for potential publication? Thanks for thinking of us!

Before you write and submit your post for our review, here are some guidelines to save everyone time and boost your chances of approval.

Kidorable Parenting Posts help parents make their family life more fun, easy, meaningful and joyous

  • Have you found a way to infuse an everyday routine with fun or meaning? Share your story
  • Do you have any tips or tricks that make a parent’s life easier? Let us in on the secret
  • Do you feel strongly about a common attitude that holds kids back and sucks the joy out of family life? Show us how to do it better
  • Read some recent Kidorable Parenting posts to get a good feel for the type of content we provide. Our readers come to our site for tips to make their family life happier
  • Tie your idea to happy families. If you want to write a movie review, that’s fine—but make sure that you clearly show how the film will help make our readers parenting more fun, easy, meaningful, and joyous

Kidorable Parenting Posts are Unique

  • Be creative. There are plenty of posts on how to get kids to eat their vegetables—how can you present timeless advice in a new and different way that commands attention?
  • Look through our archives—what haven’t we written about yet?
  • Take an opposing stance to one of our opinions. Challenge us, and our readers, with a fresh idea
  • Give your writing some zing. Tell a story, use a great metaphor, drive your idea home with a compelling picture, and so on

Kidorable Parenting Posts Are Well-Written

  • Posts need to be well-written—no misspellings or bad punctuation, please. Anything that isn’t clear and compelling will be rejected
  • Please edit your post yourself before sending to us. You should expect us to make a suggestion or two, but we can’t accept anything that needs extensive revision
  • Please end your post with a thought provoking question that encourages conversation and comments

A few more essential notes

  • Include a small paragraph introducing yourself as the author. Make it fun and interesting. Feel free to include a link to your site
  • We like internal linking, so please include a link or two to a relevant post on our blog. You may also link out to as many as three other relevant posts on other sites, including your own
  • Affiliate links in your post are not permitted
  • Please include an attention-grabbing, relevant photo to match to your post. All images must be properly attributed and credited. Size requirements include 400x300px images
  • Submit your posts in Word.doc format, and try to use HTML markup within your content
  • Please credit all sources, with links to the original
  • Your post must be original work that hasn’t been offered or published elsewhere
  • If your article is accepted, you grant a license for Kidorable Parenting to be the exclusive publisher. You may republish extracts—for example, on your own site—but the article in its entirety should not appear elsewhere
  • If your article is accepted, you consent to the full article, extracts, samples or examples appearing in other Kidorable Parenting products. We’ll be sure to credit you as the author

Next steps
Email us and attach the guest post you’d like to submit for our review. Tell us a little about who you are, and include a link to your site or your blog.

We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can to let you know if your submission has been approved, usually within a week.