Guitar Is My Destiny

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Guitar Is My Destiny

Kubla loves music.  We always have music playing in our home.  He loves to find ways to make music with his toys.  For awhile, we have a family piano lesson, but it doesn’t stick.

When Kubla tells me he wants to learn guitar, I figure it’s a phase.  He likes the lessons, and even practices a bit, but we can’t have any activities beforehand, or he doesn’t want to go.  No lesson is worth ending a play date.

About six weeks in, he has a play date before a lesson.  “Kubla,” I tell him, “it’s time for guitar.”

He immediately picks up his gear and tells his friend, “I have to go.”

In the car on the way to his teacher, I ask him what changed.  “I think maybe guitar is my destiny,” he says. “I don’t want to mess it up.”

I spend a joyful weekend making a list of over 350 songs for us to listen to together.  A couple songs from each decade of the 20th century leading up to the first ever rock song, then a few songs from each year 1955 through the present that I thought were important, famous, or just that he’d enjoy.  It takes five months to play all the songs.  He’s been initiated.  He feels like a real musician.

What do you do to foster passion in the children you love?

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