How is his compliance?

What is the balance between control and freedom in your family?

How is his compliance

We check out a couple nearby preschools for Kubla.  The playgrounds and classrooms are all pretty similar.  The teachers are all equally friendly.  Our friends say good things about both of them.

It’s time for the interview.

“How is his compliance?” asks the teacher.

Liping and I look at each other.  We don’t understand the question.

“How is his compliance?” she repeats, as if that makes it more clear.  I get the impression she repeats herself a lot. “How good is he at doing what he’s told?” she explains.

We don’t teach compliance in our family.  We teach freedom.  And love.  And compassion for other people.  And to accept the natural consequences of our actions.

We choose the other preschool.

What is the balance between compliance and freedom in your family?

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