I am not a baby’s marionette

Change the rules of the game


Like most babies, Kubla loved to drop things and make me pick them up. Like most parents, I quickly got tired of being a baby’s marionette.

One day I decide to change the game.

Kubla is at the table playing. He drops his toy car. He looks down at the floor. He looks up at me. He grunts expectantly.

Instead of picking up the toy, I pick up Kubla. I put him into flying position.We race around the room. We swoop down. He picks up the toy himself. I deposit him back in his chair.

With a newfound sense of power, we repeat the game. Again. And again. And again.

But now it’s different. He’s no longer a passive baby unable to help himself. I’m no longer a hapless parent getting my strings pulled by a 12 month old.

We’re partners. Playmates. Heroes. A source of frustration is now a fun game.

What do you do to change the rules of the game? To transform a source of frustration to a source of fun?

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