I bet I can brush my teeth longer than you can

Do you accept the challenge?

I bet I can brush my teeth longer than you can

Kubla won’t brush his teeth. Again.

We try to make it fun. We sing a brushing song. It works for a couple days, until it doesn’t.

We try to threaten him—“Kubla, no stories until you brush your teeth.” He’d rather have no stories. Rather noisily.

We up the ante—“No sweets all day tomorrow if you don’t brush tonight.”

I think this one is going to work. Until I notice there are fewer cookies in the box tonight than there were yesterday. I can’t see inside his tummy, but I suspect foul play.

That night, “Kubla, I’m going to brush my teeth now. I bet I can brush for longer than you can.”

He accepts the challenge. That night, and forever on. Brushing teeth together is now part of our nighttime ritual.

How do you get your little ones to brush their teeth?

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