Is driving hard?

A lot of things are hard, until you learn how

Is driving hard

I drive Kubla’s friends home from their play date.  Their mom doesn’t have a driver’s license.  Just a learners permit.

“Is driving hard?” they ask.

“It’s easy when you know how.”

“My mom is so stupid.” All the adults in their world drive.  Everyone but their mom.

“Is she?” I ask. “She’s seems pretty sharp to me.” I pause. “Is reading hard?”

“No,” says the older brother.  The little one isn’t so sure.

“It’s not?” I say. “You sure thought so when you were learning a couple years ago.  I remember you crying, it was so hard.”

“No I didn’t” he lies.

“A lot of things are hard when you’re learning them.  And most things are easy once you’ve mastered them.  Your mom’s still learning to drive, so it’s hard.  Soon she’ll be a driving master, and it will be easy.”

Looking at their faces in the rearview mirror, the little one accepts my homily.  The older brother ponders.  Blessed silence the rest of the trip home.

Do your kids hold you to an unreasonable standard? What do you do to give them a little perspective?

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