Is it better to give or to receive?

Do kids have a choice?

Is it better to give or to receive

Kubla and I go to the Natural History museum. He wants a toy from the dinosaur exhibit gift shop.

At dinner the night before, we talk about a foreign mining disaster in the news. Dozens of kids just lost their fathers.

I tell Kubla he has a choice—to either get a toy, or to give a toy to the kids who lost their parents in the accident.

“I’d rather receive a blessing than give a blessing today,” he says. “I’ll give a blessing tomorrow.” We take home a stuffed Brachiosaurus.

I don’t know that there is a right or wrong answer to that question, to give or receive a blessing. Either way, it’s better to make an aware choice, than to sleepwalk through life.

What do you do to encourage your children to share their blessings? Do you let them refuse?

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