Leader of no one

Sometimes we get more of what we want by letting others be the star

Leader of no one

Kubla wants to play soldier.  The girl he’s playing with wants to play hide and seek.  Neither can convince the other.  It looks like the play date might need to end early.

I call Kubla over and whisper “I bet she would play your game if you let her be the leader.”

“But the game is my idea.  I should be the leader.”

“Maybe.  But right now you are the leader of no one. Is it better to be in charge of a game no one wants to play? Or to let someone else feel in control, so you can still get most of what you want?”

He’s convinced.  He makes her the general.  She’s into it now.  Together, they conquer the playground.

How do you shift your kids away from ‘all or nothing’ thinking? How do you teach them to get more of what they want by helping others to shine?

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