Let it go

Discretion is the better part of parenting

Let it go

Time for dinner.  Kubla is doing his best to ignore me.

“Kubla, I said it’s time for dinner.”

Silence.  Another call to the table.  He’s in a combative mood.

“I want to watch TV.”

Normally those are fighting words in our home.  Is it really so hard to eat at a table and talk with people you love? People are more important than screens.

But I can clearly see there will be no peace at the table if I force him to come.

Liping suggests, “Why don’t we all watch a movie and eat in the family room today.”

A part of me rebels.  The wiser part bites my tongue.  We have a delightful evening together.  Second best is better than terrible.

When do you know it’s best to leave something alone? What’s something you insist on that maybe you shouldn’t?

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