Let’s look for Mom

Get them moving and acting on their fears, instead of feeling controlled by them


As a toddler Kubla was very attached to Liping. He couldn’t bear to be away from her.

Kubla and I are playing with blocks. I hear the dreaded question,“Where’s Mom?”

“She’s doing some errands. She’ll be back soon.”
“Where is she!?” he cries. “I want to see her right now!”
“Let’s look for her.”

We wander from room to room.

“Is she in the kitchen?”
“No,” he whines.
“Is she in the kitchen sink?”
We peer into the sink. “No,” he says, a little calmer this time.
“Is she in the garbage can?” I open the garbage and we look inside. He smiles.
“Is she in this cereal box?” I shake the box.
“Noooo.” He laughs.

We continue searching the house, looking in increasingly ridiculous places. We end up where we started, happily playing with blocks.

WheneverKubla seems on the verge of being frustrated or angry about something, I try to shift his energy, get him moving,make it into a game where he can act on his fears.

How do you help your child feel in control of his fears?

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