Maybe his butt fell asleep?

Turn frustration at other people into a game


Kubla was waiting in line for the swing. The other kid just wouldn’t get off.

He asks politely if he could have a turn. The other kid ignores him. I try to convince my boy to do the monkey bars instead. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

“It’s not fair,” says Kubla.
“Why do you think he isn’t getting off?” I ask.

No response.

“Maybe his butt fell asleep and he’s embarrassed to ask for help.”
“Maybe a bank robber pinned him to the seat!” Kubla chimes in.
“Maybe he’s a hero, sitting on a bomb, protecting the whole playground.”
“Maybe aliens shot him with a freeze ray!”

We go on like this for a couple more minutes. The other kid moves on. Kubla jumps on the swing.

How do you help shift your children’s mood when they are frustrated with other people?

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