Not learning to read

Children will learn only when they’re ready

Not learning to read

His last couple weeks in preschool, Kubla showed an avid interest in reading. He would spell out the letters on signs, license plates, anything. I declared this would be the summer he learned to read.

The first couple weeks he makes good progress. We read Dr. Seuss together. Every couple pages I ask him to read the repeated words. He learns to read a few dozen words, but then loses interest. It’s too much work, not enough fun.

Once I think he gets it—He can read an entire superhero book! Then I see he ‘reads’ just as well when I cover up all the words, and can’t read at all when I cover the pictures.

A couple years later and he reads just fine with a fraction of the effort.

What have you pushed your children to learn too early? What things have you decided to wait on until their more ready?

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