Not learning to swim

Teaching Kubla to swim in 2 years and 15 minutes

not learning to swim

I had been teaching Kubla to swim for 2 years. We spent lots of time at the pool and beach, but he just wouldn’t put his face in the water.

He did get very adept paddling around with a floatie. We had a great time playing. But he showed no interest to swim independently.

One day, he takes off the floatie by himself. Within 15 minutes he’s swimming away from me across the pool.

The same thing happened teaching him to ride a bike. One summer Liping and I spend hours running alongside his bike like Sisyphus. Next spring he takes out his bike while we are gardening—5 minutes later he informs us he has learned to ride all by himself.

What’s something your kids couldn’t do, until they suddenly could? Did you push? Or just let them unfold at their own pace?

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