Stop crying and play nice

Take a break and calm down before rejoining the action


The toddler play date is getting a little heated. I scoop Kubla up and take him away from the action before things spiral out of control.

He cries, “The other boy isn’t sharing! He took my favorite toy! He’s mean! I want him to go home!” It’s more than a toddler can handle.

I try to calm him down. He rages on.

I pick up a toy car, smash it into another toy, then start talking to it. “No, Car. You can’t play. Not like this.”

Kubla starts to calm down. He sniffles a little.

“Kubla, will you please tell this car what he needs to do if he wants to play with the other cars again.”

It’s not his first rodeo. “Car, stop crying and play nice!”

In a silly car voice I say “Wahhh! I want the other cars to go home!”

“Car,” Kubla soothes. “The other cars are your friends. Take a deep breath. Stop crying. And go play nice with the other cars.”

I pretend that the car has calmed down and is playing nice. “Kubla, I really appreciate how you helped Car calm down and have fun with his friends again. Do you think you’re ready to play again with your friend?”

He jumps off my lap, all hurts forgotten.

How do you get your little one to calm down and rejoin the fun?

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