Stop using your mind powers!

Turn frustration into a game

Stop using your mind powers

Kubla and his friends are watching a movie on Netflix. The connection is a little ropey. It keeps starting and stopping. The natives grow restless.

The movie stops again.

“Kubla, stop using your mind powers!”

The other kids look at Kubla, confused and expectant. The movie starts again.

“Thank you. Now keep your powers to yourself so we can all enjoy the movie.”

A minute later the movie stops again. Everyone looks at Kubla.

“Kubla, stop using your mind powers to pause the movie!”

“Wait, does he really have powers?” asks a girl.

“Of course. So do you,” I tell her. “See if you are more powerful than Kubla. Can you block his powers and get the movie going again?”

She stares at the TV, like she’s shooting lasers out of her eyes. A few seconds later the movie starts again.

The kids naturally split off in two groups. All stare intently, half trying to stop the movie, half trying to keep it going. No one complains about the connection.

How do you turn frustration into fun?

In two weeks I’ll give a piece of Kidorable knitwear to whoever makes my favorite comment.

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