Superhero Patrol

Keeping the neighborhood safe and nice for everyone (3rd of a 9 part series)

Superhero Patrol--3 of 9

After a week of superhero training, Kubla is ready to go on patrol.

He puts on his costume—mask, cape, super-serious crime-fighting face, Batman onesie.

We start walking around the block, on the lookout for evil. We pick up littered soda cans and food wrappers. An old woman thanks him for keeping the neighborhood safe. A teenager points at him and loudly whispers to her friend “I think that’s Batman!”

We see a bunny in the middle of the street. Kubla looks both ways, then chases it off the road to safety.

After a couple blocks he starts to get bored. I put him on my shoulders and we triumphantly march home.

A couple days later we go on patrol again. More litter. No evildoers. We round the corner towards home when we hear cries for help. A boy is stuck in a tree and can’t get down (yes, this really happened).

We rush to the scene. The boy is about 8 feet off the ground, afraid to reach down to the next limb. “It’s ok,” Kubla soothes. “You’re safe with us here. Just take a deep breath. Relax. Lower your foot down. Just a couple more inches.”

The boy makes it to a lower branch. He’s low enough now that I can grab his hand. I help him jump down safely.

Protect the innocent. Fight evil. Make the neighborhood safe for everybody. You don’t need to be super to be a hero.

How does your little hero help make things nicer in your neighborhood?

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3rd of a 9 part series, Super Hero Training

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