The Little Prince

Just adult enough

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Kubla and I finish watching the movie, The Little Prince. We had recently read the book together, too. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a new story that takes place when the narrator is an old man and the Little Prince is all grown up. It has the same style and themes as the book. It’s delightful.

We talk about the movie. How kids and adults see the world differently. What is the balance between wonder and certainty, between play and responsibility. Which characters we like and don’t like and why.

“Hey Kubla, what about me?” I ask. “Am I too much adult? Too little of an adult? Or just adult enough?”

“Just adult enough,” he says. “Just adult enough.”

I whack him with a pillow. Enough of being an adult for one day.

How about you? Are you too adult, too little adult, or just adult enough?

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