The problem with screens

And the smaller the screen, the bigger the problem


Kubla usually doesn’t have trouble turning off the TV.

It’s a challenge to peel him away from YouTube videos.

God help the poor soul who tries to take a smartphone out of his hands.

With TV, at least everyone in the room can share the experience. To laugh together. To cuddle. To talk about what’s on the screen. There’s a hope of connection.

But a phone is private. Only Kubla can see what’s on that small screen. It closes him off. It builds a wall.Even Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use an iPad (Really. Read the New York Times article here)

Screens cut us off from the humans who love us. And the smaller the screen the bigger the wall.

We avoid letting Kubla be alone with any screens. When he wants to watch, we limit the time, and do it together.

What limits do you put on your kids screen time? How do you help them connect with a human instead of a screen?

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