This shirt is already sandy and wet

Why resist the inevitable?

This shirt is already sandy and wet

There’s an old Samurai saying—Die before going into battle—the idea is to accept death so you can fight without fear.

Kubla and I go to the beach. In less than 30 seconds he’s wet and sandy. I try to keep his filthy hands off me. For ten minutes I valiantly brush the sand off my shirt, trying in vain to keep clean.

Eventually Kubla’s dirty little hands break through my defenses. Resistance is pointless. I’m a wet, sandy mess.

No longer concerned with keeping clean, we giggle as I chase him up and down the shore, into the water and onto the rocks.

We enjoy a warm bath together when we get home.

The next day we go to the beach again. My shirt now knows that only a fool or a bore would try to stay clean. “This shirt is already sandy and wet,” I tell myself as we bounce onto the beach without fear. No ten minutes are wasted this time in protecting something that doesn’t need protecting. I chase him into the water.

What do you pointlessly resist?

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