Use your powers

Use their powerful imaginations to crowd out their fears (8th of a 9 part series)

Use your powers--8 of 9

Kubla is afraid to enter the dark room. He wants me to go in first.

“Kubla, just use your powers to light up the room.”
He looks at me, not sure what to do.

I enter the room with my palm outstretched. “DZJHH…” I make a magic crackling sound, quietly flipping the light switch with my other hand.

The next day he fearlessly enters the room ahead of me, palm outstretched. “dzjhh!” I flip the switch, a second behind him.

The day after that he lights the way into our dusky garage. No one flips the switch. We see with the light of our courageous imagination.

What do you do to help your kids face their fears?

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8th of a 9 part series, Super Hero Training

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