We send our kids to be coached in soccer

But who coaches us to be better parents?


Most of us receive training and coaching to be better in our careers. For sports and hobbies, too. But apart from reading the occasional book, or unsolicited advice from our own parents, who among us is coached on how to be a better parent? What other thing in our lives is more important? What other thing in our lives has the potential to bring more joy? Or more frustration?

For the last three years, I’ve led a parenting forum for thoughtful parents with at least one child aged between 3 and 10 years. Ten parents from all over the country meet each month for an online call. What brings us together? A strong desire to learn how to make our family lives better. To know we’re not alone with our challenges. To learn from and be inspired by the experience of our peers. To help and inspire others with our own experience.

I am now forming a new Kidorable Parenting Forum for readers of this blog. For less time and money than you probably spend each month on coffee, commit to becoming a more thoughtful, more effective, happier parent. Discover the power of devoting just one hour a month to proactively improve your family life.

There are so many strangers on social media giving advice on parenting it can be exhausting. The intimacy of a monthly call with a cohort of people I trust has helped me listen closely to ideas I normally would have dismissed. Each call either gives me a new insight or raises my confidence in my values and choices. A high value investment of time. Jonathan’s ability to facilitate conversations so folks learn something is brilliant! Christina, from San Francisco

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