What Kind of a Beautiful Day Is It?

All weather is good weather

What Kind of a Beautiful Day Is It

Every morning since Kubla was two, we open the window shade together as I ask “I wonder what kind of a beautiful day it is today?”

Sometimes it’s a beautiful sunny day. Sometimes a beautiful cloudy day. Sometimes beautiful and wet and gray. But always beautiful.

When it’s warm and clear we run barefoot in the sand. When it’s wet we jump in puddles. When it’s snowy we throw snowballs. When it’s just cold we breathe in the crisp air and feel alive. Or look through the frost covered window, appreciating our cozy, warm home.

One morning Kubla gets up early. He tries to wake us up. “It’s early,” I say. “Go back to sleep.”

“But I want to see what kind of beautiful day it is.”

I rouse myself. We open the window shade. It’s beautiful. Always is.

How do you greet the day?

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