Where there’s a wee, there’s a way

Potty training in 5 months and 3 days

Where theres a wee theres a way

Kubla is 19 months old. Bubbles. Warm water. Rubber duckies. What could be better? Bath time with his beloved Mom.

He poops all over the tub. Bath time is suddenly over. What happened?

The next night. Bubbles. Warm water. Same routine. Same stinky end. Same puzzled look.

The third night. Same routine. A worried look crosses his face. He jumps out of the bath, squats on the floor, poops, then jumps back in the tub. I see the light at the end of the diaper change tunnel. My little boy is ready to be potty trained!

We put it off a few months because of vacations—no fun to have an accident on a plane.

When things are settled, we take off the diaper. Weeks of puddles with little progress.

We visit my brother for a week. Kubla’s cousin is a few months older and proud to be diaper-free. She wants Kubla to watch her pee.

When we come back home, Kubla won’t let us put on a diaper again. A little accident here or there, but he decides he wants to be big like his cousin and trains himself.

How did you know it was time to potty train your child? Did you really train them? Or did they make the change themselves?

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