Who’s my favorite boy in the whole world?

A nice way to reconnect

Who is my favorite boy in the whole world

The fight ends. We each go to our corners. Bruised feelings all around.

A few minutes later we’re ready to reconnect.

I invite Kubla to sit in my lap. We hug.

“Who’s my favorite boy in the whole world?” I ask.

No response.

“It’s probably Henry,” I say, referring to a neighbor.

“No!” Kubla protests. “It’s me!”

“Even when you are crying?”


“Even when you yell at me?”


I give him a tickle. “Even when we’re playing and laughing?”


I give him a squeeze. “Even when you’re being loving and delightful?”


It’s easier to reconnect when he never has to doubt the strength of our relationship. When he knows I was only upset with his behavior. Fighting or not, he knows I love him.

How do you reconnect after a fight?

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