Sometimes it takes some outside structure to help love grow


My dad visits once or twice a month.  He can’t talk about business or sports with a toddler, so he and Kubla don’t have much to talk about.  Kubla cries when my dad tries to hold him.  The visits get shorter and shorter.

For a Father’s Day gift I sign up my dad for Wiggleworms, a music and movement class for 2 year olds and adults who love them.  Now he visits once a week.  They have something to do together.  They share a sweet treat on the way home.  I still have to tag along to prevent a tantrum.  But Kubla will sit in my dad’s lap while the music is playing.  It’s a start.

Neither of them is much of a conversation partner for the other, but at least they are more familiar.  They just need some structure to make love grow.

What do you do to foster connection between the grandparents and grandkids in your life?

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