You can’t tickle an adult!

You can't tickle an adult

In our family we try to avoid dumb rules. Drools, we call them.

I love making up silly rules. Kubla loves breaking them.

I tickle Kubla. He dissolves into giggles. He starts to tickle me back.

“Kubla! You can’t tickle an adult! It’s just not done!”

He ignores me and grabs my feet.

Another day I gently whack him in the butt. He starts to hit mine. Whack whackwhackwhackwhackwhack.

“Kubla! You can’t whack an adult in the butt!”

Making a game of breaking silly rules together makes him more likely to listen when it counts. It gives a healthy outlet to his disobedience.

What rule does your family love to break? Which ones don’t you break that maybe you should?

In two weeks I’ll give a free Kidorable umbrella to whoever makes my favorite comment.

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